Not much to tell really.

I received my first camera at about age 10.  Whilst at school in year 11 or 12 I had the opportunity to go on a school trip to Alice Springs or get my first SLR. I still haven’t made it to Alice Springs.

20141105: Bayswater: Kodak Brownie Starlet

My 1st camera, a Kodak Brownie Starlet

In 1971, I was offered two jobs, both involving photography. One was with the Post Master General’s Department, the other with the Herald &Weekly Times. It wasn’t a hard decision.

I spent a couple of years as a copy boy in The Herald photographic department waiting for a vacancy as a cadet photographer. After two long years, a vacancy opened up and so I headed into the darkroom for another couple of years.

Eventually I was allowed out into the light to take photos for The Herald which I did until late 1990. That was when The Herald was subsumed into the Sun News Pictorial albeit with the name Herald-Sun. Up until then, it had been a great place to work. With the change, it wasn’t fun anymore. I became the Day Picture Editor for a few months, then took a package, and left.

I didn’t take a picture for about two years, being a stay at home Dad for that period, which was fantastic. I eventually bought some second hand camera gear and started working freelance, worked out I could earn a living doing this, bought some new gear and continued along this path until 2012 when I took up my latest gig – Gentleman of Leisure and Amateur Photographer.

Together with a good friend of mine, Andrew Chapman, we sometimes hold photography workshops, particularly in rural areas. If you think you might be interested in a workshop in your area, there is more information at

I have also had a book of images of Old Sheds published, some of which are in a gallery on this site.  Just Google ‘Old Sheds Book’ to find it online.


Capturing Mungo

That’s me (closest to the camera, if you aren’t sure). Thanks to Kim Wormald for the picture.

Kim does some amazing images, particularly of birds. Lots of them on her website.

In case you think I am a bit small in the picture above, here’s another shot of me (again, by Kim).



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