I started taking pictures a long time ago when my hair was still brown.

My first camera was the Kodak Brownie Starlet pictured on this page.

My hair is now mostly grey and I have used many cameras since the Starlet was the go to camera. 

I started taking pictures because I enjoyed it.

For a long time I was paid to take pictures and now I am back taking pictures because I enjoy it.

I have ditched the heavy DSLRs and gone mirrorless with Fujifilm X series cameras and lenses which have made photography, for me at least, particularly enjoyable.

The picture below is me enjoying myself.  

It was taken during a trip with the Knox Photographic Society (I have been a member there for a few years).



Thanks to a lovely lady by the name of Kim Wormald for the picture.

Kim photographs birds really well.

You can see how well on her website.




People commented that I was too far away in the picture above so here is a much closer shot (again by Kim).

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